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Jara Floral International Corp.


From its beginnings in 2005 to now things have changed quite dramatically.

In 2005 Raymond Oosterveld along with his father John Oosterveld started a tulip forcing operation. From there Raymond married Sheryl and are now a family of 4 with their two daughters, Olivia and Emily. 

Sales began to increase in 2006 when Wiebe van der Veen joined the tulip operation. Since then our facility has expanded each season to match our continued demand. 

2008: Expansion of our greenhouse and rooting room facilities

2009: Expansion of our production hall

2010: Expansion of our greenhouse 

2012: Expansion of our bulb storage facility

2013: Improved irrigation and automation controls

2014: Addition to our packing storage area and bulk wood storage for our biomass boiler

2015: Addition to our packing hall cooler

2016: An administration building and work shop area was added

2017: Increase in our irrigation capacity and greenhouse area to make way for 30% increase in production 

2018:  Expansion of our flower cooler

2019: Assisted in the development of the FMA Flower Sensors.

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