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As a producer of fresh cut tulips, we provide our customers with the best quality bunches of tulips in a wide selection of varieties and colours. We will continually work to give higher sell through and longer vase life for our customers. We will do this in a manner that will use the most sustainable practices available.

Health Roots make health plants
Pail of tulips ready to ship

Located near Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. Our operation began with a few simple guidelines. 

  • What is the future of hydroponics in Tulips forcing

  • Strong roots make for strong plants; the more water a plant can drink, the more food it can take up, producing a stronger and healthier plant.

  • Create a company that benefits our local community

  • Work closely with our trade partners to improve the end customer experience


Using these principles, we have built an operation that now is one of the leaders in water forcing technology.

This continued commitment to basic plant science has allowed us to produce some of the best quality tulips available today.

As we continue to grow, we have been creating long lasting partnerships with our retail partners, by bringing the best possible experience to the people who enjoy our products in their homes. 

At Jarja Floral we do more than produce fresh cut tulips. We create special moments between people.

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